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Bellfires Double Burner

Latest Fireplace Innovations

Bellfires have recently introduced an up-dated double burner. This gives two options, the Line Burner and the Centre Burner. They are available now on certain models and will be made available across the full range in the coming months.

Our view is that this is a very worthwhile development. We see the main advantage, especially to the London market, is that you can continue to enjoy the beautiful flame pattern with a reduced heat output. This in turn will also decrease your gas consumption. We see the Centre burner being particularly suited to the Horizontal range with the Line Burner more suited to the narrower units such as The Derby etc.
We are also very pleased that Bellfires have been able to offer this significant development without any increase in price.


What are the Benefits of Bellfires Double Burner?

  • You can now control the hearth by customising the flame image in both the depth  and the width (Line and Centre Fire).

  • Extra control over the power usage. The advantage of this feature is that the maximum power of the double burner is the same as the single burner. It also has other power control functions so that you can be sure that you are not wasting any power whilst maintaining the flame image.

  • The Heating cost benefit. The Double burner allows for a 40% reduction in power consumption and comes standard with a power saving mode.

  • The Double Burner is highly robust, rigid and very reliable.

  • The cost benefit is that the new double burner from Bellfires is the same price as the single burner.


Take a look at the full advantages and features of the Bellfires Double Burner by visiting or check out the double burner in action on the New Horizon Bell XXL fireplace video on the right.