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Wood Burning Stoves

Benefits of wood burning stoves

  • Efficiency - With efficiency up to and over 80% it is a very cost effective choice.
  • Smokeless Zones - The majority of our range can be used in smokeless zones.
  • Sustainability - Wood is a renewable resource which is good for the environment as it gives us a near carbon neutral fuel.
  • Comfort - A wood burning stove creates a stunning focal point in the heart of your home.

As you can see wood burning fires have for centuries been at the centre of our lives and by choosing a wood burning stove you now add practically to this list.

Take a look at a selection of Wood Burners from our range below

Jetmaster Wood Burning Stoves

Environmentally low-impact and guaranteed-to-last; Jetmaster wood burning stoves are built in Hampshire, England. Take a look at a selection of models below.

Barbas Wood Burning Fires

Barbas manufacture durable, ecological & reliable stoves. Established in 1976 and today a leading edge brand for wood-burning fireplaces. All fireplaces are developed and produced in house. Considerable research has been made into the combustion process which has led to an optimal management wood combustion, higher efficiencies and lower emissions. The stoves are manufactured using high quality materials resulting in a very high lifespan fire which is also easy to maintain.  Learn more about Barbas Wood Burning Fires

Stovax Wood Burning Stoves

Stovax offers a wide selection of stoves with options for traditional and contemporary tastes. Whether you are looking for wood burning, gas or electric, cast iron or steel with various sizes and colours available and even boiler options you are bound to find the perfect stove for your home.

Rais Wood Burning Stoves