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Benefits of our Balanced Flue Fireplace range:

  • As the fires are glass fronted they eliminate the direct drafts associated with conventional flues.
  • The gas fires are up to 85% efficient which means that they are more economical to run.  It also means that the majority of the heat comes into the room instead of being lost up the chimney.
  • As these fires are room sealed they eliminate the outside noise that can come down a conventional flue.
  • The fireboxes can normally be fitted in any position due to the flexibility of the flue runs.
  • Our balanced flue gas fires incorporate the latest technology and safety features.
  • With the introduction of the Smart Bell range clients with conventional flues can now enjoy all the benefits of a balanced flue gas fire.

Horizon Bell Range

The Horizon Bell 3 range all create a low, horizontal, sleek look and the wider models are particularly suitable to marry with the ever increasing proportions of modern T.V.’s.

Original Bell Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

View Bell Range

The View Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flames from every angle. It is available in the following models.

Room Divider Range

The Room Divider 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flame from every angle. As its name implies it is ideal for creating dedicated zones in the same room.

Corner Bell Fireplaces

The Corner Bell 3 range has been developed to enhance a corner location or where the fire would primarily be viewed from the front and just one side.

Vertical Bell Fireplaces

The Vertical Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a modern and minimalistic look. It is particularly suitable for locations that have a width restriction.

Smart Bell

New models have the MagniFire burner system fitted as standard.

Balanced Flue Gas Stoves

We offer both traditional and contemporary stoves from top manufacturers such as Bellfires, Rais and Gazco.

Balanced Flue Gas FAQ's

View some of the many asked questions we receive for our fireplaces.
Click here to read how Balanced Flue Fireplaces work

1 What is a Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Balanced flue gas fires are glass fronted, room sealed,ultra-efficient fireboxes.  They do not need a conventional flue. We marry them with a concentric flue system that both feeds the air into the fire for combustion and expels the waste gasses.

2 What are the main advantages of Balanced Flue Gas Fires?

These fires are up to 85% efficient, whereas with an open gas fire being a notional 15% efficient, most of the heat is lost up the chimney.

As these fires do not rely on the draw of a conventional chimney the heat and flame pattern are far more controllable than an open fire.

You can create a multitude of designs, normally with no restrictions on size.  It also makes Three sided and Tunnel fires easily achievable in any location.

As the firebox is room sealed you do not get drafts coming down the chimney and you also do not have the heat loss you experience with a conventional flue.

3 Can they be installed into a conventional chamber?

Yes, The Smart Bell range has been developed to suit traditional fireplace openings.

4 Will I need an additional fresh air vent?

No, as these fireboxes are room sealed, additional ventilation to the room is not generally required.  We do, however, need to vent some of the heat away from the inside of the breast to stop over- heating.  This is normally achieved by high level grilles in the side of the breast returns or by a shadow gap.

5 What is a shadow gap?

A shadow gap is generally a 10mm slot at the top of the breast. It vents the excess heat away from the inside of the breast. Click here to see an image of a breast we installed with a shadow gap between the top of the breast and the bottom of the coving.

6 How are Balanced Gas fires installed?

One of the advantages of these fires is their flexibility, therefore there are many ways to install them. The majority, however, are fitted on a flat wall.  We then surround them with a false chimney breast constructed in a special heat retentive board. The flue system can terminate either with a wall or roof terminal.

7Can I have a T.V. or Artwork above these fire?

As long as we create a recess constructed in a specific heat retentive board then yes it is possible. It is also equally important to protect the T.V. /A.V. cables.

8Are there restrictions as to where I can site the Balanced Flue Terminal?

Click here to see our article which includes a drawing and a table that indicates all relevant distances

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How Modern Fireplaces Improve Home Heating

Today’s modern balanced flue gas fireplaces can provide the best of both worlds: complementary style, ambiance, energy-saving features, and an effective source of home heat.

October 2019


The Horizon Bell Small Tunnel 3 boasts exceptional quality and is a highly durable, no chimney required balanced flue fire