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Benefits of our Balanced Flue Fireplace range:

  • As the fires are glass fronted they eliminate the direct drafts associated with conventional flues.
  • The gas fires are up to 85% efficient which means that they are more economical to run.  It also means that the majority of the heat comes into the room instead of being lost up the chimney.
  • As these fires are room sealed they eliminate the outside noise that can come down a conventional flue.
  • The fireboxes can normally be fitted in any position due to the flexibility of the flue runs.
  • Our balanced flue gas fires incorporate the latest technology and safety features.
  • With the introduction of the Smart Bell range clients with conventional flues can now enjoy all the benefits of a balanced flue gas fire.

Horizon Bell Range

The Horizon Bell 3 range all create a low, horizontal, sleek look and the wider models are particularly suitable to marry with the ever increasing proportions of modern T.V.’s.

Original Bell Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

View Bell Range

The View Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flames from every angle. It is available in the following models.

Room Divider Range

The Room Divider 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flame from every angle. As its name implies it is ideal for creating dedicated zones in the same room.

Corner Bell Fireplaces

The Corner Bell 3 range has been developed to enhance a corner location or where the fire would primarily be viewed from the front and just one side.

Vertical Bell Fireplaces

The Vertical Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a modern and minimalistic look. It is particularly suitable for locations that have a width restriction.

Smart Bell

New models have the MagniFire burner system fitted as standard.


BOX gas has a new burner with logs that are indistinguishable from the real thing: the MagniFire.

Rais Gas Stoves

The RAIS Gas range produces a truly splendid flame – it is a stove designed for the purpose of enjoying the fire. It creates a peaceful atmosphere in the room.


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Stunning and Efficient Modern Fireplace Designs

For homeowners who yearn for a fireplace but lack a chimney, balanced flue gas fireplaces can satisfy that dream and so much more.

April 2018


The corner derby fireplace adds a scenic view in whatever location it's added