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This balanced flue built-in gas fire comes in a range of designs and interiors. Boasting a thermostatic remote control system, the Corner Bell Medium 3 has a double burner which allows perfect control over the flame in both depth and height.

With a patented safety system and a choice of decorations this balanced flue gas fire is designed to fit perfectly in a corner unit allowing different viewing angles of the flame image. Featuring Polist glass; giving greater clarity with less imperfections and a manufacturing process which is ecologically friendly, you can rest assured that the Corner Bell Medium 3 Balanced Flue Gas Fire is the perfect addition to your home, instantly heating with a magnificent flame image.   

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Stunning and Efficient Modern Fireplace Designs

For homeowners who yearn for a fireplace but lack a chimney, balanced flue gas fireplaces can satisfy that dream and so much more.

April 2018


The Horizon Bell XXL3 is an innovative balanced flue gas fire. This essentially means that due to the closed combustion system.