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Bellfires exquisite range of fireplaces:

Marble Hill are proud to offer the Bellfires range of Balanced Flue Gas Fireplaces. Continental Europe has been installing these Energy Efficient fires for many years and Bellfires is the market leader. Every fire is constructed by hand in their own factory in Holland and with that control comes unparalleled quality. It has been leading the way in innovation and design since 1928. Bellfires is still a family company and has the unique ability of combining traditional values with modern techniques.

Bellfires fires however are still very affordable. This is due to their continuous investment in state of the art manufacturing facilities. One of the results of this is shorter lead times which gives greater flexibility and choice.

Bellfires produce fires that are up to 85% efficient. Combining this with flexibility of flueing make them the perfect choice for both new build and refurbishment projects.

We truly believe that Bellfires produce the best Balanced Flue fires available in the U.K

Horizon Bell Range

The Horizon Bell 3 range all create a low, horizontal, sleek look and the wider models are particularly suitable to marry with the ever increasing proportions of modern T.V.’s.

Original Bell Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

View Bell Range

The View Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flames from every angle. It is available in the following models.

Room Divider Range

The Room Divider 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flame from every angle. As its name implies it is ideal for creating dedicated zones in the same room.

Corner Bell Fireplaces

The Corner Bell 3 range has been developed to enhance a corner location or where the fire would primarily be viewed from the front and just one side.

Vertical Bell Fireplaces

The Vertical Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a modern and minimalistic look. It is particularly suitable for locations that have a width restriction.

Smart Bell

New models have the MagniFire burner system fitted as standard.


BOX gas has a new burner with logs that are indistinguishable from the real thing: the MagniFire.

Cautro Fireboxes

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Cuatro 3 70
Cuatro 3 75
Cuatro 3 80
Cuatro 3 90

View Bell

The View Bell is manufactured by Bellfires who are the leaders in this technology. As it does not need a conventional flue, it offers complete flexibility with its positioning.

View the View Bell

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Stunning and Efficient Modern Fireplace Designs

For homeowners who yearn for a fireplace but lack a chimney, balanced flue gas fireplaces can satisfy that dream and so much more.

April 2018


The View Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flames from every angle.