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Planika Fire Line Automatic 2 Bio Ethanol Fire
Planika FLA3 Bio Ethanol Fire
Planika FLA3 Bio Ethanol

Planika Fires are not only elements of interior decoration but most of all they are real fireplaces enhanced by design. They create an exceptional atmosphere influencing our everyday life. We have one on live display in our showrooms.

The technology and structure of the fireplace were developed in such a way so as to provide an always even and continuous flame. No disruptions in the fire line are acceptable.
To provide the highest level of safety and comfort, the fireplace is equipped with multiple safety sensors. This helps to effectively detect any irregularities in the operation of the device. This specific design makes it possible to stop the burning process in case of any errors that may appear in the fireplace operation. With our technology you have fully controlled, safe, clean and beautiful fire without chimney or any other hard connections.

Planika perceive fire as an element of interior design, which is why Planika’s products are widely recognized by the most acknowledged architects and designers throughout the world. To satisfy all of your needs we offer the most extensive customization options in the fireplace industry, starting from custom length, through favourite colour and decorative accessories to tailored glazing options and shape. The possibilities are limitless.

With our intelligent bio fireplace inserts the flames are open from all sides. Choose a fireplace that makes a versatile solution for unlimited arrangement possibilities.

Choose your favourite finish colours from over 200 different options from the RAL palette and give your fireplace a unique look that will perfectly fit your interior design.

Our see-through ethanol fireplaces bring the most interesting and elegant aesthetics to any interior.Its unique design allows to keep the visual connection between spaces and provides the most natural flames in two rooms with only one fireplace.

Planika’s intelligent fireplaces allow for easy and convenient control with the use of a handheld remote smart device through Wi-Fi or advanced Home systems. Control your fireplace without getting up from the sofa.

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