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For some, a fireplace stirs memories of a crackling fire and a romantic warm glow. For others, it conjures up images of wood stacks, winter drafts, and piles of messy ash. 

Good news for homeowners, though. Today’s modern balanced flue gas fireplaces can provide the best of both worlds: complementary style, ambiance, energy-saving features, and an effective source of home heat.

How Fireplaces Heat Your Home

At first glance, it’s difficult to envision how a completely-sealed, glass-fronted fireplace can provide a worthwhile source of energy. The best way to illustrate the process is to compare it to a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Fireplace vendors often speak about sealed versus open combustion, a term that means nothing more than the process of burning. Keep in mind that combustion requires oxygen.

Traditional fireplaces pull oxygen from the room in which the fireplace is located. That air triggers the burning process, which creates heat. That same heated air is expelled through the chimney, carrying the by-products of combustion (smoke and ash) with it.

When something obstructs the flue, those by-products can no longer be expelled through the chimney; instead they spill back into the room where the fireplace is located. 

On the other hand, balanced flue fireplaces are glass-fronted and sealed within the space of the room. Within that sealed area, a two-part pipe leads directly outdoors; depending on the placement of your balanced flue gas fireplace, the pipes could vent horizontally out of an adjacent wall or vertically through the roof. More important than direction, however, is the fact that the balanced flue is always directed into the outside air. 

The twin pipe creates a constant cycle of air in, air out. Instead of pulling oxygen or warm air from the home’s interior, all air is pulled from the outside. The closed combustion system minimizes the effect of wind gusts so effectively even the gas fireplace minute pilot light will not be impacted by the heaviest of wind gusts. The end result is energy efficiency, cost savings, and a beautiful, practical source of home heating.

Balanced flue gas fireplaces can be designed to complement and enhance any decorating style, space limitation, or personal preferences.  Following are a few styles to light the imagination:

The beautiful View Bell XXL is provides surprising beauty and conveniently warming across the span of an entire wall.

View Bell XXL
View Bell XXL 3

The Derby Large combines the look of a traditional mantle fireplace with the clean and effective room heating source offered only by a balanced flue gas fireplace

Derby Large 3

This unique balanced flue fireplace was designed specifically to make the best use of an octagonal housing development. In additional to maximizing space, the modern fireplace creates a beautiful focal point and inviting warmth. 

For a full array of options, visit Marble Hill Fireplaces, the UK’s leading source of balanced flue fireplace products and design.

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How Modern Fireplaces Improve Home Heating

Today’s modern balanced flue gas fireplaces can provide the best of both worlds: complementary style, ambiance, energy-saving features, and an effective source of home heat.

October 2019


The Horizon Bell range boasts exceptional quality and is a highly durable, no chimney required balanced flue fire