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For over 40 years Hwam have been creating modern Danish stoves of the highest quality. Much of their success has been built on harnessing the latest technology whilst still caring for the environment. This means that whether you choose the standard Autopilot or opt for the SmartControl your stove will always be eco-friendly.

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Wood-burning stoves from HWAM exemplify classic Danish products. Danish design, Danish creativity and Danish craftsmanship.

The idea that form follows function has been the pillar of Hwams design “their founder believes that function is central and once this is perfected design will follow.

HWAM stoves are designed by recognised Danish architects and furniture designers.They have made sure that their products have the right proportions and are easy on the eye. Their expressions are simple, elegant and timeless and they fit harmoniously into classic and modern homes alike. Close collaboration between designers and HWAM has resulted in the development of the unique, delightful details that put HWAM stoves into a class of their own.

Hwam care about the environment hence their technology allows you to burn firewood twice as well saving up to 50%.  You can determine how hot you want the room to be via your mobile or tablet and get reminders when to fill up with firewood.

HWAM stoves are made in Denmark as there can be no compromising on quality. Danish engineers design and prepare the products for the manufacturing process on the basis of HWAM’s 40 years of experience. All vital components are manufactured at a high-tech production plant in Hørning, Denmark. The products are manually assembled and finished before they are packed and shipped to customers, who are ensured a five-year warranty on their new HWAM stoves.

Several of their models come with an option for a cover in either soapstone or sandstone in colours Tobacco and Grey bringing the raw look of nature into your living room.

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