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£594 (inc Vat at 20% )

Regency Style Hob
Regency Style Hob

From £1014.00 (gas) (inc Vat at 20% )
 £1854.00 (solid fuel) (inc Vat at 20% )

Plain arched
Plain Arch

£594 (inc Vat at 20% )

Ornated arched
Ornate Arch

£594 (inc Vat at 20% )

Sheldon hob
Sheldon Hob

(Only suitable for gas fires)
 For a 36"x36" mantel: £1014 (inc Vat at 20% )
 For a 38"x38" mantel: £1134 (inc Vat at 20% )

Simpled arched
Simple Arch

£594 (inc Vat at 20% )

Ashpan False Fronts

From £54 (inc Vat 20% )


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We are now stocking Kalfire Fireplaces

Kalfire Fireplaces are a Dutch owned family business, known for delivering exceptional products. They are known worldwide for innovative patented designs and technologies. They have existed in the industry since 1981.

July 2019

Smart Bell 65/60

The 65/60 is fitted with the Magnifire Burner as standard, with its life like flame pattern and glowing ambient lighting, as standard.