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With a personality all their own and the ability to embody any room with a grand sense of occasion, stone fireplaces offer their own unique benefits. Popular for their diversity and distinct appearance, Continental Limestone fireplaces represent a style which has always been popular, and one which Marble Hill have been faithfully reproducing for years.

Soft lines, carefully sculpted motifs reminiscent of great architecture and a sense of loyalty to tradition make stone fireplaces ideal for many scenarios. A testament to the historic stone used throughout history, the options are numerous. Choose a traditional style such as The Chartwell or a more modern style such as The Madison. In either case, excellent craftsmanship allows the refined qualities of stone fireplaces to shine through, creating an asset to any room.

From the feedback we've been getting since we first started business in 1974, more reasons to consider stone fireplaces are as follows:

  • Stone fireplaces subtly integrate into the atmosphere of your home while lending a timeless charm that offers a compromise between the values of old and new
  • All budgets likely to find something of interest
  • A compromise between style and functionality
  • An artefact and a practical addition, stone fireplaces enhance the appearance of all rooms, acting as a selling-point which may benefit those looking to one day sell their homes

Although similar in form, all stone fireplaces made by Marble Hill's expert craftsman are unique and suitable for a variety of properties. Before each one can be put on sale, all stone fireplaces face a strict quality-control procedure to ensure that they look great and work as efficiently as our customers expect.

The end result? Quality and the best in modern technology working together to create fine stone fireplaces that excel on every level.

Browse through our English Stone Fireplaces Below

Shown in Limestone with a Contemporary Dog Basket and Spherical Dogs.

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Shown in Limestone with the Derby Balanced Flue Fire and Spherical Dog Front.

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Shown in Limestone with a Cadogan Firebasket.

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Shown in Limestone with steel inlays.

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Large Cornerstone

Shown in Limestone with a Contemporary Dog Basket and Tower Dogs.

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Shown in Limestone with a Contemporary Dog Basket and Spherical Dogs.

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Shown in Limestone with a Contemporary Dog Basket and Spherical Dogs.

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Shown in Limestone with a Contemporary Basket.

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Shown in Limestone with a Steel Regency Basket.

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Shown in Limestone with a Stanford 23 Woodburning Stove.

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Shown with a Large Topsham 3 Balanced Flue Fire.

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Shown in Limestone with the Riva Cassette 55

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Shown with a Magiglo Duo Firebox with polished modern front.

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Limestone Flat Victorian

Shown with a Contemporary Firebasket.

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Shown in Limestone with a Savoy Firebasket

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Shown with a Stirling Firebasket.

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Shown in Limestone with a Contemporary firebasket

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Shown with a Millington basket.

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Bolection with Shelf

Shown with a Cadogan Firebasket.

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Shown with a Cadogan basket.

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Limestone Regency Bullseye

Shown with a Medium Adam basket.

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Limestone Large Carved Corbel

Shown with a Stanhope basket.

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Limestone Arts and Crafts

Shown with a Macintosh basket.

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