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Barbas Wood Burning Stoves

Barbas manufacture durable, ecological & reliable stoves. Established in 1976 and today a leading edge brand for wood-burning fireplaces. All fireplaces are developed and produced in house. Considerable research has been made into the combustion process which has led to an optimal management wood combustion, higher efficiencies and lower emissions. The stoves are manufactured using high-quality materials resulting in a very high lifespan fire which is also easy to maintain.

Falcon 73.63
UNIlux 6-80
Box 65

Rais Wood Burning Stoves

Sleek, streamlined convector woodburning stoves and insert fireplaces and fireboxes with elegant styling, cool handles and single-lever air control.  From a more traditionally styled freestanding woodburning stove to the contemporary feel of a tunnel fireplace or a three-sided burner, RAIS has plenty to offer the discerning homemaker. When a stove from RAIS is equipped with CleverAir, it is surprisingly easy and convenient to fire.

Rais 7001a
Rais Q-Tee
Rais Viva L 100 Classic

Stovax Wood Burning Stoves

Stovax is the UK’s largest stove producer with a range of designs from contemporary to traditional to suit everyone’s taste.

Riva Studio
Vogue Small Stovax
Vision Small Wood Burner

Hwam Wood Burning Stoves Collection

For over 40 years Hwam have been creating modern Danish stoves of the highest quality. Much of their success has been built on harnessing the latest technology whilst still caring for the environment. This means that whether you choose the standard Autopilot or opt for the SmartControl your stove will always be eco-friendly.

Hwam 2610
Hwam 3110
Hwam 3630

Jetmaster Wood Burning Range

Jetmaster make a range of wood burning Open Fires and glass fronted Inset Stoves. Built in Cornwall, all products are blazingly efficient, environmentally low impact and guaranteed to last.

Jetmaster Inset Stoves
View Jetmaster Inset Stoves
Jetmaster Open Fires
View Jetmaster Open Fires

Cautro Fireboxes

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Cuatro 3 70
Cuatro 3 75
Cuatro 3 80
Cuatro 3 90

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October 2019


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