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Established in 1974, Marble Hill Fireplaces offer the largest and most comprehensive selection of fireplaces in the UK.

We have worked on many high profile projects including the refurbishment of Royal Residences and The Ritz and Savoy Hotels. We regularly export to world wide destinations including the U.S.A, Europe and the Far East.

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Fireplace Styles

Marble Hill provides a wide range of fire place styles including:

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Energy Efficient & Balanced Flue Gas fires

Our energy efficient fires helps the environment and helps you save:

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What our customers say

Commissioned to design and install the fireplace, to combine traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. The Derby balanced flue fire with limestone Cambridge surround was the perfect solution...

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Fireplace Styles

Antique Fireplaces - True historic wonder

Marble Hill's craftsman have been expertly restoring antique fireplaces to their former glory for decades. Their experience spans a vast range which includes everything from Georgian to Art Deco, White Marble to Slate.

Using the latest technology, every fireplace is brought back to life with the finest attention-to-detail, enabling lost qualities to shine through with enhanced flair. All antique fireplaces are 100% unique and mark a period of history with definitive style and an impressive sense of occasion.

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Contemporary Fireplaces - Modern technology meets classic style

With Marble Hill, you'll find a range of dynamic contemporary fireplaces to suit all occasions and all tastes. No matter how much room you have or what stone you're looking for, all our contemporary fireplaces have one thing in common: they look great and they take efficient heating to a whole new level.

Safety is also taken into consideration, of course, making for a striking piece that will fit either vertically or horizontally into any room.

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Fireplace Materials

Stone fireplaces – modern functionality meets refined tradition

Style, charm, charisma: all these features and more come together to make all our stone fireplaces both stylish and as functional as anyone would expect. French Limestone offers a fine level of quality, while our more modern combinations of old and new bring together brass frames with ornately carved designs.

In every case, the latest production methods are combined with expert craftsmanship to create stone fireplaces befitting of any room.

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Marble fireplaces – endless variety meets aesthetic excellence

As experts in creating the very best marble fireplaces, Marble Hill occupy a unique place in the market, offering up a diverse range of styles to the consumer who is looking for both design and function.

The very best technology ensures that all marble fireplaces work as effectively as possible, while our craftsman – all experts with a broad range of experience – work hard to maintain premium standards throughout.

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Energy Efficiency

Balanced flue fireplaces – modern style meets supreme safety

Looking for a fireplace that will integrate into your home and combine quality with genuine energy efficiency that'll really make a difference to your heating bill? Balanced flue fireplaces can provide all this and more in homes without chimneys, enhancing any room with clean lines and a sense of practicality that makes perfect sense.

Marble Hill's expert craftsmanship means that balanced flue fires can be installed much more quickly and easily than most people anticipate, making for a solution that looks as good as it works.

Bellfires – tradition meets cutting-edge technology

In many ways, bellfires represent a breakthrough in fireplace progression: all the advantages that come with modern ingenuity, combined with the traditional features we all know and love about open fires that we grew up with. And don't be fooled or disappointed – although bellfires are not open, they more than deliver when it comes to heat production, making for a comfortably heated environment that is safe as well as visually dynamic... View Belfires »

Barbas Wood Burning Fires – keeping the memories alive, with benefits

Traditionally, wood fires have been a mix of nostalgia and less advantageous features, i.e. a strong smell, hazardous safety and black soot. With barbas wood burning fires, it's as if the benefits have been streamlined and the negative issues entirely removed.

Barbas gas fires – the ideal choice for those with a penchant for both crackling fires and modern efficiency... View Barbas Fires »

Areas we cover

Fireplaces london - all the experience you desire, at a cost that suits

From stunning antique fireplaces to advanced energy-efficient models that redefine the way we think of fireplaces london, Marble Hill have been making great fireplaces for all occasions since 1974. Period or minimalist, we use techniques both old and new to ensure your fireplace delivers on every level – practical and aesthetic.

Marble Hill is committed to creating fireplaces london that reflect the personality of your property, while also integrating into it and allowing for an atmosphere which isn't stale or uncomfortable.

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Fireplaces Surrey and surrounding areas – variety meets prestige

For a long time, the words Fireplaces Surrey have been associated with quality workmanship and excellent attention-to-detail. In the modern age, nothing has changed

Marble Hill are proud to offer a dynamic range of Fireplaces Surrey that reflect everything this region has become well-known for over the years, adding to what has gone before with advances in modern technology that benefit a wide range of customers.