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Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Energy Efficient Balanced Flue Gas Fireplaces

Balanced Flue Gas Fires do not require a conventional chimney and as such can be installed on walls  where there is no chimney thus offering endless design opportunities.

Of all the modern fireplaces out there, one of the most popular has to be the balanced flue version. Invented in 1930, balanced flue fireplaces offer a number of distinct advantages over other equally contemporary varieties; as modern production techniques have made balanced flue fires both affordable and energy efficient on a grand scale.

A remarkable trait ( balanced flue - no chimney required) makes them attractive to people who live in houses which weren't built with fireplaces in mind. And this is before we even get to the minimalist style that this version is famous for – something that, over the last few years, has elevated this modern fireplace to a top level status amongst the very best fireplaces in the UK.

Range of Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Benefits of our Balanced Flue Fireplace range:

  • A long record of success across the world means you're buying into reliability as well as Marble Hill's reputation for quality work
  • Front of fireplace is sealed with glass, making for an extra level of safety and security that any household with or without children will benefit from
  • Due to the flexibility of the flue it is now possible to have total control over the position of the fireplace
  • The sealed-in fireplace means balanced flue fireplaces don't create a stale-air environment
  • Minimal fuel consumption means that they are much more energy efficient than many of their counterparts
  • Latest technology combined with affordability that doesn't compromise
  • No chimney required and easy to install
  • Quiet and pleasant as well as aesthetically attractive

Balanced flue fireplaces bring together a whole range of qualities not always found in conventional fireplaces.

Why choose Marble Hill as your Energy Efficicent balanced flue gas fire provider?

In short, Marble Hill's expert workers combine years of practical experience with the best technology. The result is simple, yet dramatic: those who live in houses which weren't originally built with fireplaces as top priority can benefit from the same kind of warmth as anyone else. On top of this, great style and safety means that you'll never worry when you're out of the room.

Marble Hill are the London agents for Bellfires.  Bellfires offer an innovative range of  Balanced flue gas fires now with the new reflective, ceramic backs. 

Bellfires Range

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Being up to 85% efficient and offering up to 10kw of heat they are eco friendly.  Each Bellfire has a combustion chamber of thick-walled, heat resistant steel and an outer casing of thick steel to ensure optimum heat omission.  The ‘3’ versions are available with the newly developed floating frame concept with ceramic glass mounted behind the  profile it allows it float optically making the fire look more like a real fire than ever before.

In addition the Bellfires 3 is available with a completely new hidden door system and with black screened glass edges to give a minimalistic appearance.

If you are interested in learning more about our balanced flue gas fire range, then please call us on 020 8892 1488 or select the enquiry form option on the right.

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