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Balanced Flue Gas Fires Range

Horizon Bell XXL3

The Horizon Bell XXL3 is an innovative balanced flue gas fire. This essentially means that due to the closed combustion system no chimney is required. It is a stylish and modern addition to the contemporary home. Featuring the NEW double burner the remote control allows different depths and widths of the flame image.

Authenticity is at the heart of the design which has achieved a completely realistic flame impression, what’s more; massive savings can be seen on heating bills. Take a look at some of the features of this stylish built-in fireplace below:  

  • Choice of designs, decorations and interiors
  • Closed combustion system » no chimney required
  • Double Burner with remote control
  • Polist glass
  • Minimalistic / Hidden Door system
  • Safety system (Patented)
  • Exceptional quailty and highly durable

"The Horizon Bell XXl3's wide profile and reliable technology makes this new generation fireplace a perfect choice for the modern home. "

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Derby Large 3 - Balanced Flue Gas Fire