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Latest News and Fireplace Innovations

Conventional and Balanced Flue Fireplaces.

Balanced flue fireplaces from Marble Hill offer a number of distinct advantages over conventional fireplaces, as modern techniques have made balanced flue fireplaces both energy efficient and affordable. They draw fresh air through an outside wall for burning using a flue.

Publlished June 2016 | Read the full article

Bellfires Recommendation

Bellfires Recommendation

We at Interfocus, the manufacturers of Bellfires Gas fires and Barbas Wood Burning fires would like to confirm that Marble Hill Fireplaces are the preferred dealer in Central, West and South London as well as the Home Counties for large scale projects.

Marble Hill have worked with us for many years and install more Bellfires than any other dealer in the UK. They also operate an excellent After Sales Department that will maintain and service our fires to keep purchasers happy for many years to come... Read the full recommendation »

Published: 08 March 2016

Pride in the Job NHBC awards

NHBC Pride in the Job 2015

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the NHBC Pride in the Job 2015 certificate by Octagon Developments for the invaluable  support we provided in the installation of fireplaces at 12 The Grove, Highgate.

Octagon Developments won the NHBC Pride in the Job Seal of Excellence Award for this project as well as the overall Regional Award in the small builder category. These awards are presented to the top 130 of 430 quality award winners in the London area and are in recognition of supreme quality in New House Building.

Published: 23 October 2015

Antique Firplaces London - Timeless Classic for London Homes.

Antique fireplaces are a popular choice for London homes because of their unique style and classic beauty. For most people, the interior of their home must be a reflection of their personal style and taste. The addition of an antique fireplace is something that draws the eye to the fireplace as a focal point in the room and often serves as a great conversation starter. | Publlished April 2014 | Read the full article

Advantages of the Double Burner by Bellfires.

Introduction of the double burner by Bellfires is one of the industry's most important developments in the recent times. The double burner provides better control over heating and is highly energy efficient. You can control the flame image in both ways – in depth or in width. We take a look at the top 3 advantages of the Double Burner | Publlished January 2014 | Read the full article

Top 5 Contemporary Fireplaces for 2013.

Over the years the style of contemporary fireplaces have evolved into a broader range of styles. Some although inspired by period designs have the straight lines and lack of augmentation that fits into modern house styles. The move towards contemporary styles happened in tandem with the increased popularity of balanced flue gas fires | Publlished November 2013 | Read the full article

The Bellfires Double Burner and the Horizon Bell XXL3 Balanced Flue Fireplace.

Bellfires have recently introduced an up-dated double burner. This gives two options, the Line Burner and the Centre Burner. They are available now on certain models and will be made available across the full range in the coming months. Read our review on the double burner or see the video of it in action on the Horizon Bell XXL3. | Published October 2013 | Read the full article