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Kalfire G170/37S

Kalfire fireplaces are constantly striving for innovation and seeking perfection. Their patented designs have allowed them to take Balanced Flue gas fires to another level. One of the latest innovations developed by Kalfire’s R&D team is the ‘Natural Spark Generator’ (NSG).

This technology is available as an option in all of the gas fires that feature a Prestige burner. The ‘Natural Spark Generator’ creates small sparks that escape from the flames and burn out slowly, resulting in an amazingly realistic simulation of a wood fire.

As an option on Kalfire gas fires with a Prestige burner, a hybrid function can be added to include LED lighting in the fire bed. When this function is activated, the lighting intensity fluctuates continuously, perfectly imitating a bed of embers in a wood-burning fireplace. The patented Kalfire Prestige burner is integrated directly within highly realistic ceramic logs, which are arranged as a campfire. This results in highly realistic flames that leap directly from the logs, giving an unparalleled impression of a real fire.

Front View Fires

Kalfire G120/41F
Kalfire GP60/59F

Tunnel View Fires

Kalfire GP80/54T
Kalfire GP110/59T

Like the Kalfire Prestige burner, this 3D innovation was designed and developed by Kalfire. It allows a horizontal fireplace (up to 170 cm in width) that perfectly suits contemporary interiors. A closed gas fireplace equipped with a 3D burner produces flames that are virtually indistinguishable from those of a wood fire. Kalfire fireplaces with a 3D burner are supplied with a ceramic log set as standard, but it is also possible to choose a bed of white, beige or grey stones or cryptonite.

3 Sided View Fires

Kalfire GP70/55S
Kalfire G170/37S

Reinforcing their position as one of the leading manufactures in the field, Kalfire frequently set the trends in the market with their ground-breaking innovations in both technology and style.

Corner View Fires

Kalfire GP80/55C
Kalfire GP110/55C
Cuatro 3 70
Cuatro 3 75
Cuatro 3 80
Cuatro 3 90

Kalfire Fireplaces are a Dutch owned family business, known for delivering exceptional products. They are known worldwide for innovative patented designs and technologies. They have existed in the industry since 1981.

Some of the trend-setting contributions of Kalfire includes Natural Spark Generator (NSG), Clear Window System, Hybrid function for LED, Flame height adjuster and many more. Despite the expansion of the business, the company has always maintained their ethos. Kalfire’s customer and product-centric approach is evidence of that. They offer a wide range of design choice with optional customisation.

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