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All gas fires must be serviced by a specialist Gas Safe engineer every 12 months. This will insure the safety of your fire and that it’s running at its optimum level. It is also a requirement by the burner manufacturers as part of their warranty. To see what is involved in a service please see list below.

Marble Hill are happy to maintain any gas fire that we have installed. By using us you can be sure that your fire is being maintained by a gas fire specialist and that only bona fide replacement parts will be fitted.

What is included in a Gas Fire Service

  • Takes a minimum of 1 – 1¼ hrs per fire
  • To ensure you have an up to date copy of the instruction user manual for the intended appliance that is to be serviced.
  • To check the correct running of the appliance, ignition etc.
  • To remove the glass and clean if necessary – to also check the seal of the glass to its housing, and to the appliance.
  • To remove the fuel effect and clean if necessary.
  • To check the flue way is clear, and unblock if necessary.
  • To clean out the appliance, especially around the pilot area.
  • To check all seals, such as the pilot and burner seal that they are in place and not perished. (Replacement seals are chargeable).
  • To check the ignition of the appliance is ok ensuring the spark electrode is operating correctly (i.e. height and gap of the spark electrode).
  • To replace any parts required for the correct and safe operation of the appliance (AA, AAA and 9v batteries are included in the service).
  • To replace the fuel effect in its correct position as laid out in the installation manual.
  • To replace the glass ensuring it is correctly seated and sealed.
  • To check the running of the appliance and the operating pressures, ensuring no leaks are on any of the gas lines supplying the appliance.
  • To test the thermocouple shuts off the gas supply when extinguished.
  • To check the meter for earth bonding
  • Report any issues to the customer and the Servicing desk for invoicing or parts

Replacement parts sheet

(approximate costs for guidance only)

Glass Fronted Balanced Flue

  • Receiver Control Box   £290
  • Gas Regulator Block   £420
  • Remote Control Handset (10 button)   £300      
  • Remote Control Handset (8 button)   £268
  • Upgrade Kit (Receiver and Remote for any pre 2013 model)    £408
  • Spring System Glass Clips   £90
  • Ignition Cable 2000mm    £38
  • Thermocouple (1500mm)     £44
  • Mag Unit (Solonoid)   £96
  • Pilot Light Oxy stop     £97

Open DFE Fire

  • Remote Control Handset (Nu Flame)      £110
  • Vermiculite per bag  £10.50
  • Coals – bag of 10          £10
All prices + vat

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A guide to Gas Fire Servicing costs

Glass Fronted Balanced Flue                       £242 + vat

Open DFE Fire                                                   £192 + vat

Additional fires in the same property are serviced at the reduced rate of £110 + vat

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