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The Differences Between Conventional and Balanced Flue Fireplaces

Want all the luxury and comfort of a fireplace, without all the maintenance hassles of a conventional fireplace? Then consider Marble Hill balanced flue fireplaces that offer all the benefits of a fireplace, whilst bringing together a wide range of qualities not always found in traditional fireplaces. The high heat output permeates throughout the room, and provides a soothing ambiance that fits nicely with today’s contemporary living. These attractive, balanced flue gas fireplaces are a high-performance and modern day appliance that utilises a closed combustion system connected to the outside through a concentric flue, thus, no need for a traditional chimney.


Balanced flue fireplaces from Marble Hill offer a number of distinct advantages over conventional fireplaces, as modern techniques have made balanced flue fireplaces both energy efficient and affordable. They draw fresh air through an outside wall for burning using a flue. A different chamber of the flue ejects excess gases to the open air with quiet convection. The result is a safe, silent, and effective heating source for commercial businesses and domestic homes. Fireplaces are used for the relaxing atmosphere they create, but more importantly for heating the room. So what are the differences between conventional fireplaces and balanced flue fireplaces?

Conventional chimneys depend on the natural flow of heated air to expel the combusted products up your chimney, but it's not efficient for home heating. Depending on the type of chimney flue system you have, it might actually waste more energy than it saves. The main problem stems from the fact that most of the heat ventilates up the chimney, whilst drawing cold air into the home to replace the heated air, and even when a fire isn’t burning, the warm air may still escape through the chimney.

Balanced flue fireplaces from Marble Hill use the draught that is created by the heated air, and the flue is crafted as short as possible, usually just long enough to extend through an external wall from where the fireplace is installed. The balanced flue has both flue inlet and outlet close to each other, so any draughts or gusts of wind will pressure both terminals equally, cancelling each other out within the appliance. Therefore even the burner flame and pilot lights will not be affected. The balanced flue fireplaces from Marble Hill fireplaces are much more efficient than conventional fireplaces, and some models boast an efficiency rating of 90% or more.


With balanced flue fireplaces from Marble Hill, it’s not a necessity to install it into a traditional chimney, and because balanced flues work in conjunction with only glass-fronted fires, you’re not stuck mounting the appliances next to an external wall. Some models can be assembled anywhere in the home, with the exception of the bathroom and bedroom. Again, the balanced flue fireplace is sealed from the room in which it is installed and the twin pipe vents lead directly outdoors, even underneath the floors, and depending upon the fireplace selected, the twin walled pipe can exit vertically through the roof or horizontally through an external wall.

Marble Hill Fireplaces, established since 1974, specialises in balanced flue gas fires, and offer the largest and most comprehensive selection of fireplaces in the UK.

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