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Our take on the top contemporary fireplaces for 2013

For many years the traditional fireplace was the only style that a purchaser in the UK would consider. As we left the 90’s things started to change. Simple hole in the wall fires with just a steel frame became very popular. This trend did not last very long however as the style became very cold and clinical to live with.

Marble Hill is proud to bring you our top five choices of contemporary fireplaces for 2013. Our unbiased reviews, including pictures, demostrate how stunning these fireplaces really are; how they add character, charm and most importantly cost effective warmth to your home.

5.) The Hempel

Made in Limestone, the Hempel comes in at number 5 in our top selection of contemporary fireplaces. With it's softened look using solid blocks of stone we were able to give it the form and substance that the other styles lacked. The reaction from our clients was positive from the start and its popularity continues to this day.

 Contemporary Fireplace number five

4.) The Horizon XL3

The XL3 has consistently been our best-selling horizontal fire. It’s size makes it particularly suitable to a large flat screen TV recessed above it which is very much in vogue.

 Contemporary Fireplace number five

3.) The Madison

The most striking features of The Madison are the beautifully crafted mitred joints and the reflective steel inlays. The inlays introduce a little glitz into this modern surround.

 Contemporary Fireplace number five

2.) The Large View Bell

With the flames being visible on 3 sides the View Bell has always been the ultimate Bellfires gas fire. Now with the introduction of the Black Reflective Back Panel its popularity is sure to continue.

 Contemporary Fireplace number five

1.) The Horizon Bell XXL3

This is certainly one of the most attractive balanced flue fireplaces and an extremely worthwhile investment. The main advantage is the all new double burner where you can continue to enjoy the beautiful flame pattern but with a significantly reduced heat output. The Double Burner comes standard with the Horizon Bell XXl3 and coincidentally is our top choice of contemporary fireplaces for 2013.

 Contemporary Fireplace number five

Over the years the style of contemporary fireplaces have evolved into a broader range of styles. Some although inspired by period designs have the straight lines and lack of augmentation that fits into modern house styles. The move towards contemporary styles happened in tandem with the increased popularity of balanced flue gas fires. The long, low, Horizon range are particularly suitable for sitting a flat screen TV above which is very in vogue at the moment.

At Marble Hill we do not see any decrease in the popularity of Contemporary style fireplaces for the foreseeable future. Learn more about our Contemporary Fireplaces >

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