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Marble Hill Fireplaces are delighted to announce the launch of the View Bell Derby 3 from Bellfires at the 100% Design Show 2014, which took place at Earls Court on 17th-20th September 2014. A three sided fireplace with Ceramic black mirror interior, the View Bell Derby 3 signifies the introduction of some genuinely innovative features to the Marble Hill range.

This exquisite new fireplace is a complement to the View Bell Range and is being made available with a wealth of feature options, making it one of the most versatile fireplaces on the market.

Beautifully designed, this open-sided fireplace gives maximum viewing access and whilst the ceramic burner guarantees a reliable and lifelike fire, the hidden door combines a minimalist finish and gives optimum effect to the flames.

It comes with beautiful grey stones or realistic looking wood logs.  And there is also a choice of interior finishes, including slats, a flat steel back wall or - new - black ceramic glass, which creates an impression of depth whilst accentuating the intensity of the fire.  The View Bell Derby 3, in common with many of our models, also offers either a line format or centre format.

In the current climate – both geographical and financial – there’s an ever greater need for people to adjust their heating to respond to the day-to-day changes in the weather as well as to reduce energy costs. 

So as the UK basks in an Indian summer, you might be wondering how you create the effect of warmth in your home to reflect the change in seasons without actually ramping up your heating.  And here is the answer.  Marble Hill provides the Double Burner, which is available in a wide range of their fireplaces.

With just one key press on the remote control, you can now reduce the heat output of your fire by as much as 40% without compromising on the visual effect of the flames.  In this way, you can enjoy all the atmosphere and comfort of a real fire without the excess heat.  Of course, the best thing about this is what you will save on energy bills. This feature has been introduced into many View Bell (or Bellfire) models without raising the cost of them.  We’ll also be showing off the Horizon Bell XXL3 at 100% Design.

And as always, the emphasis on the safety & design of our fires is unchallenged. A genuinely bespoke product, our fireplaces bear the name of the customer throughout the production process and are tested thoroughly at every stage.

Our fireplaces offer the luxury of an open fireplace with the convenience of a gas fire and all at the touch of a button.

Established in 1974, Marble Hill Fireplaces have a well-deserved reputation as the market leader in gas fires. 

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